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Health Records

The Health Records department is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality, accuracy, integrity, and quality of client/patient information for Hanover & District Hospital.  


  • Processing of requests for client/patient information.
  • Coding, abstracting and submission of clinical discharge data on in-patients and emergency patients to CIHI.
  • Monitoring and improvement of data quality.
  • Monitoring and compliance with chart content, completion and documentation requirements.
  • Transcription service and scanning of health records.
  • Chart assembly, filing, retrieval, tracking and delivery.
  • Responds to inquiries and requests for copies of health record charts
  • Assists in protecting the legal interests of the patient, facility and staff.

Are you interested in viewing/sharing your Hanover & District Hospital health record?

Please refer to the following Health Records Department Information Sheet which will give you more information on requesting, disclosure and amendment of your personal health record.

Health Records Department Information Sheet 

The below forms can be used to request, disclose or amend your personal health record.
Form  A-6 – Request for Access to Personal Health Information
Form A-52 – Disclosure of Personal Health Information
Form A-19 – Request to Amend/Correct Personal Health Information



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