Hanover & District Hospital Welcomes Medical Students as Part of Discovery Week 2024

May 17, 2024

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry students will begin their learning and training with Hanover & District Hospital during Discovery Week 2024, marking the 26th anniversary of this outstanding partnership.


The medical students’ placement stems from an ongoing partnership with Schulich Medicine, based at Western University in London, ON. For the past 26 years, as part of Discovery Week, all first-year medical students have participated in immersive, one-week placements in health-care settings across Southwestern Ontario.


During this week-long placement at Hanover & District Hospital, medical students will be exposed to teamwork and collaboration undertaken within a rural/regional site and will have exciting opportunities to discover all the community has to offer.


“This immersive placement offers future physicians a unique opportunity to experience the fabric of our community and witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of rural healthcare. By living and working in our community alongside local physicians, these students can envision themselves as integral members of our healthcare team. The hope is that one day they will choose a rural community to launch their career,” said Dana Howes, President & CEO, Hanover & District Hospital.


“After getting a taste of life and medicine in a rural or regional community through opportunities like Discovery Week, many Schulich medical students return to practice upon completion of their training,” said Dr. Victor Ng, Assistant Dean, Distributed Education, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.


“We’re so grateful to collaborate with partners who welcome our medical students and give them unparalleled first-hand training experiences in their communities,” said Dr. Ng. “Working together, we’re creating a cohort of physicians who are ready, willing and able to care for people across Ontario in a variety of settings.”


In the next two weeks, Schulich medical students Ishita, Arani, Vipra, Alina, Rokhshid, Carmine, Amrit, and Ahmed, become temporary members of the Hanover community, giving them the opportunity to meet patients, experience the unique health-care systems and interact with colleagues getting a fulsome experience of what a day in the life of a local health-care provider looks like in Hanover.


During Discovery Week 2024, more than 170 Schulich Medicine students will be placed in 31 participating communities from Owen Sound to Windsor-Essex and Woodstock to Lake Huron.