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Current Physician Opportunities 


Hanover Medical Associates (Family Practice)

The Hanover Medical Associates houses family physician practices and is conveniently located right beside the Hanover & District Hospital. On the first floor, you will find the Hanover Medical Associates; accommodating up to 15 physician offices and a waiting room that can seat up to 70 people. The treatment area is set up in a pod system. Each pod consists of two examination rooms, one treatment room and all are located just a few steps from a nursing station. Within the clinic you will also find local health businesses such as optometry, laboratory, audiology and a pharmacy. Two fully furnished two bedroom apartments are conveniently located in the clinic to house visiting medical students, resident and physicians.

Physicians working at the Hanover Medical Associates experience the following benefits:

Work Life Balance

  • Dedicated inter-professional team
  • Full administration support, turnkey operation
  • Flexible hours with chosen size of practice
  • A Family Health Organization and Family Health Team

Financial Incentives

  • Income stabilization available

Quality of Practice

  • Onsite Emergency, Obstetrics, Surgical Services, Diagnostic Imaging, Laboratory, Pharmacy, after hours care at Hanover District Hospital
  • Electronic Medical Records System
  • Teaching Facility – Rural Resident Training Site for Western University Schulich School of Medicine

Family Recreation, Education and Employment

  • Close proximity to major centres (2 hours north of Toronto and Hamilton, 45 minutes south of Owen Sound)
  • Recreation Complex
  • Wide choice of schools and child care including Montessori and French Immersion
  • Affordable residential real estate

Hanover Family Health Team

The Hanover Family Health Team is designed to meet the needs of the Hanover and surrounding area population providing primary care services. It is conveniently located on the 2nd floor of the Hanover & District Hospital which is right next door to the Hanover Medical Associates.

The Hanover Family Health Team is made up of a variety of highly skilled interdisciplinary health professionals offering numerous services to community members. Hanover Family Health Team Website


For questions and further information about how to join our team of highly skilled health care professionals please contact the Physician Recruiter at, 519-364-2340 ext. 210 or