Generous Endowment Donation Funds Brand New Mammography System and Magnetic Seed Localization Technology

December 20, 2021

The Hanover & District Hospital (HDH) in partnership with the Hanover & District Hospital Foundation (HDHF) celebrated the recent installation of a brand new state of the art mammography system. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on December 14, 2021 to celebrate the implementation of the new machine, which was fully funded through a generous endowment donation made by the late Alleene Lambertus.

The Senographic Pristina Mammography System is a state of the art machine that uses advanced technology to provide incredibly detailed 3D visuals of the entire breast. It allows for faster diagnosis and subsequent treatment of breast cancer. In some instances, it can lead to a diagnosis before symptoms are present. This new mammography machine is designed to be more comfortable for patients then previous models offered patients. It has elegant lighting, soft armrests have replaced the typical handgrips allowing patients to rest comfortably, rather than tensing muscles to hold a handgrip.

In addition, HDH will also be using Magseed® technology to revolutionize the operating procedure for patients with breast cancer. The Magseed® marker is a tiny metal seed made out of surgical grade stainless steel. It is smaller than a grain of rice. This seed allows radiologists and surgeons to mark and remove small and early stage breast cancers with great precision. The seed remains exactly in place until the operation and can be inserted days, weeks, or even months before the operation. The stability of the seed also means that surgeons can clear the entire site of the cancerous tissues reducing the need for repeat surgeries, which are needed for 25% of patients where guidewires are used. Prior to this technology, a guidewire was inserted into the tumour in order to mark the tissue to be removed during surgery. These wires were unstable and would often need to be removed and repositioned causing surgical delays and unwarranted stress for patients.

Dana Howes, President & CEO says, “We are very proud to have this new mammography machine that offers this advanced technology. It will enhance breast cancer screening and its management for our patients. Our partnership with the Grey Bruce Health Services radiology group has enabled our hospital to advance the surgical care of breast cancer patients. We are so proud to offer this innovative technology in our rural hospital.“

Alleene Lambertus was a Registered Practical Nurse who served this community for a number of years. Her endowment gift of $660,000 not only covered the cost of the mammography machine but also the room renovation and the purchase of Magseed® Magnestic Seed Localization technology.

Katrina Wilson, Foundation Board Chair says, “The generosity of this community is the heart and soul of this hospital. We rely on endowment gifts to strengthen our Foundation and provide an investment for the future. Alleene’s gift is incredibly generous and gives us a glimpse into the capabilities of this community.”