Infection Prevention & Control

At the Hanover & District Hospital, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff. Patients who are sick are not able to fight off infections as easily as healthy people.

Hand Hygiene:

Infection control is in your hands. Let's all work together to stop the spread of infection. Please clean your hands; use alcohol-based hand sanitizer available throughout the hospital when you arrive, after toileting, before meals, and before leaving.

Infection Control Guidelines for Visitors:

  • Visitors must read and follow the infection control guidelines posted at all entrances.
  • If an isolation sign is posted on a door, all visitors must report directly to the Nursing Station where they will be provided with instructions.
  • To protect against the Spread of Infection, Visitors are Asked NOT to:
    • Use the washrooms in the patient’s rooms – there are public washrooms throughout the Hospital
    • Share the patient’s food or use any of their utensils, glasses or cups
    • If a visitor is not feeling well, they should postpone visiting loved ones at the Hospital

Environmental Services:

The Environmental Services team at Hanover & District Hospital is vital to the hospital and is the main defense against serious infection that may linger on surfaces throughout the hospital. Environmental Services implement infection prevention and control strategies that effectively prevent healthcare-associated infections.